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Philadelphia has some of the highest rates of STDs in the country, and teenagers are affected the most. 1 out of 3 kids in Philadelphia will get an STD during their teen years. We know it can feel daunting to have conversations with your kids about sex. How do you answer the hard questions? How much do you tell them? What if you don’t know the answer? That’s ok! You don’t have to know everything to start having conversations about sex with your teens. In fact, it’s important that sex education take place in the home. It may not always seem like it, but your kids want to hear from you.

Tips for Talking

Parents can have a big impact on their teenagers when it comes to healthy choices about sex. By starting the conversation earlier and honestly, teens will learn to trust you and trust the communication with you about sex and other difficult topics. Talking to your teenager about sex can be difficult and uncomfortable, but he or she needs to hear from you.

Here are some tips:

Relax and take a deep breath.
Start early.
Talk about puberty.
Find teaching moments.
Be honest and give good information.
Make this conversation normal and encourage dialogue.
Let’s be real, we were all teenagers once.
We know that teens are going to have sexual feelings. You can talk to your teen about waiting to have sex. In fact, the longer teenagers wait to have sex, the less likely it is that they will get an STD. If they choose to have sex, teach them that safer sex is important.

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